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 EMN Educational Seminar on Migration: Demystifying Migration and Harnessing Its Power

Bratislava, 17 - 19 June 2024

Migration is a reality which, if managed well, promotes the exchange of knowledge and contributes to economic growth. Being complex and multifaceted, it affects individuals, communities, and societies in various ways. It is influenced by a range of factors, including economic, social, political, environmental, and human rights.

To support working with facts about migration, in our jubilee 10th edition of the seminar, we examined some of the common myths and misconceptions about migration and migrants, and how they shape public attitudes and narratives. We explored the latest policies, data, and trends of migration in the world and the EU, as well as the interlinkages between migration, human rights, and state sovereignty. Since the seminar had occured in advance of the World Refugee Day, it also reflected on the plight and dreams of people who had to flee their homes due to persecution, conflicts, and disasters. We paid special attention to climate migration and its various layers and relations to food security, conflicts, irregular migration, and state governance.

The seminar was interactive and participatory, with opportunities for discussion, reflection, and exchange of views. In the evenings, we hosted two free events for the public to further raise awareness of migration topics that are repeatedly part of the public discourse in Slovakia and other European countries.

Have a look at a short video documenting the 2023 seminar


The final agenda includes details about all 13 lectures, a theatre play and a film screening. During breaks, participants could immerse themselves into the lives of internally displaced people (IDPs) by asking them in the virtual reality to reflect on their most cherished possessions. The items that displaced people carry with them when they have to leave their homes often become physical representations of a world that has since disappeared. For many, they represent a promise of return. A key, a shirt or a photo can now serve both as a symbol of struggle and a beacon of hope.


Among others, you can look forward to lectures of these international experts with hands-on experience in international migration:

  • François Gemenne | specialist of environmental geopolitics and migration governance at the University of Liège, Belgium
  • Magnus Ovilius | Head of Sector and Senior Expert for Forecasting, Preparedness and Policy Monitoring at the European Commission
  • Lenka Šafránková Pavlíčková | sociologist & Project Manager at SocioFactor, Czech Republic
  • Pascal Reyntjens | Chief of IOM Chad


Since 2012, the EMN Educational Seminar on Migration is a unique learning platform about migration organised in Slovakia which for three days fosters networking, experience sharing and discussions among (inter)national experts and participants from state institutions, non-profit sector and other entities. The seminar reaches out also to the public through free-of-charge discussion evenings with documentary screening.



The EMN Educational Seminar on Migration was organised by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Slovakia as the coordinator of the EMN National Contact Point for the Slovak Republic under its work programme for the years 2023 – 2025. This event is funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. 



The EMN is an EU network of migration and asylum experts who work together to provide objective, comparable, policy-relevant information and knowledge on emerging issues relating to asylum and migration in Europe.

The EMN consists of National Contact Points in the EMN Member (EU Member States except Denmark) and Observer Countries (NO, GE, MD, UA, ME, AM, RS), the European Commission and the EMN Service Provider (ICF). IOM acts as the Coordinator of EMN in Slovakia, other members are the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic and the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic.

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